there must be

July just started

And I’m excited for Christmas. Just because I know that every time I hear “all I want for Christmas is you” I’ll be thinking about you

Mar 24 & 25

tuesday was seemingly normal. it was unsually cold, but i guess the weather cant make up its mind. after class, i met james and helped him clean up his house. we talked, ate, played some catan, some cards, and all in all just relaxed. wasnt a very productive day, but it was relaxing. afterwards i went to eat with daniel and andy. at least i think that was tuesday…?

today was more productive i guess. i went to all my classes and did my best to pay attention. nothing special in particular happened today.

Mar 23 & 24

sunday started early. i had to go early in order to play drums for the praise team. playing drums is always a fun thing to do. morning service was typical, and bible study was so long that i was forced to cut it short. my students want to go watch a movie together as a class, so i told them we’ll go during the next vacation. lunch was good too, with good food. the rest of the day went on like usual, until the end of church. sooin paul and i ended up eating afterwards, and then we were met later by joanne and pastor charles. it was nice interacting with him outside of the church context, especially since hes so down to earth and real. i then went home, and the rest of the day was history.

monday was long and boring as usual. during my free times i either ate, or went to the library in order to surf on the web. because my midterms are done for the most part, i feel extremely relaxed and at ease. its a nice feeling. i guess i should start reading a new book. i’ll probably start divergent tomorrow